Astronomy at Berty

Autumn Stargazing

Here at Berty, in rural South West France, we have excellent dark skies for astronomy and astrophotography.

September and October provide good conditions for observing and image making (weather permitting). The nights are still mild and darkness falls at a reasonable time. 

Our night skies are level 3 on the Bortle scale.

You are welcome to bring your own telescope or you can select deep sky objects of your choice to image with our equipment. The caravan can be used as an on-site control centre.

The observatories with local bar and lounge facilities: “The Caravan and Telescope”

Observatory 1

  • Pulsar 2.2m Dome, currently housing 
  • Steel Pier 
  • Meade 10″ RCX
  • QSI 683 camera

Observatory 2 

  • Roll Off Roof Design, fully automated
  • Steel Pier
  • Mesu 200 Mount
  • Astro Professional 130 ED APO f/7
    or SW 100 Esprit ED APO and Ricarrdi Reducer (Widefield)
  • ZWO ASI2600MM Pro