Summer 2022

The days are hot and long, and the nights a little too short for serious astro-photography, but we were delighted to have clear skies for capturing July’s fabulous Thunder or Buck Moon.

Thunder Moon over Montcuq tower
Full moon rising by a gariotte

Latest additions to comfort for our guests in Berty Gite

  • an air-conditioning unit in the living area, which should ensure that it is always comfortably cool, however hot it gets outside
  • heat exchange pump for the swimming pool, so that we can warm it up even when the sun doesn’t shine, and cool it down if it gets over 30c

A BBQ outdoors in the shade at Berty is a perfect way to prepare a relaxing lunch or dinner. So as our old Aussie-style BBQ needed replacing, we have installed a super new charcoal BBQ – a Weber 57cm Master Touch Premium 😉

We took a poll of other gite owners in France and an overwhelming vote came back in favour of charcoal over gas as the fuel source.

OK, we know some will say ….Ah yes it’s great when it’s alight, but that can be a challenge…… well fear not, this Weber BBQ comes with a charcoal chimney to easily light the charcoal before spreading them on the burner rack or into the charcoal trays.

Berty Gite…. making your French holiday just that little bit more special!

As always, a warm welcome awaits our summer visitors.